Developing leaders to bring about change

The mission of the Roméo Dallaire Foundation is to inspire young people from underprivileged backgrounds to develop their leadership potential.

The goal of our Young leaders program is to build on the strengths of children’s personalities and develop their potential to become influential leaders in their community, starting today and looking ahead to the future. The program supports young people who sign on for a period of five years to make sure they get the most out of the experience.

The Foundation does this by working closely with its valued partners, such as schools, community health centres, social workers and Camp Kéno, an award-winning summer camp for children. All of these partners have played an important part in developing this program that is geared toward giving the best possible opportunities to young people whose potential would otherwise be hindered by their life circumstances.

Our hope is that these young people, once we have helped them grow to become confident and empowered citizens, will invest themselves as adults in the communities where they grew up and encourage others to overcome the same challenges. Our goal, through the work we do, is to inspire a movement strong enough to break the cycle of misery in some communities that can leave young people with so little hope. (Video in French only)


The values we embrace and want to share

Cooperation, empathy and self-esteem

Honesty, social justice and transparency

Responsibility, passion and “Giving back to others”

Courage, determination, personal development and self-discipline