The Young leaders program is designed by professionals who put their heart and soul into sharing their talents and helping young people to reach their full potential and build their personality. It allows young people to grow within a group that shares positive common values—a place where they can forge their own present and future, and learn to know their own hearts so they can move ahead in life with confidence.

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The positive effects of the Young Leaders program

Through the Young Leaders program offered by Camp Kéno, we make it possible for young people to experience an outdoor adventure therapy program in an environment away from their regular school and family influences. Young Leaders is a unique and innovative program since it offers long-term stays (longer than two weeks) over a five‑year period.

Studies have shown that outdoor adventure programs have a measurable beneficial impact on participants’ development. Programs like these help to improve young people’s self-confidence, self-esteem, independence, initiative, emotional intelligence and self-understanding. The positive effects of an outdoor adventure program are likely to be long-lasting and compounded over time.



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