Move For The Cause makes it easy and accessible for anyone to give the Roméo Dallaire Foundation a helping hand.

TV presenter Bruno Savard, famous for his work on Radio-Canada’s Téléjournal Québec and Québec 12-30 shows, signed up for the challenge in less time than it took for him to lace up his running shoes!

“Far too much leadership talent goes to waste because young people don’t get the support they need right from square one, or because their potential just isn’t recognized,” says Mr. Savard. “Young people today are dynamic and talented, but we need to give them a chance. And the Foundation can give them the stimulus they need.”

The Roméo Dallaire Foundation helps young people from backgrounds that give them very little opportunity to develop their potential. Growing up in underprivileged situations, young people can end up shouldering significant responsibilities from a very early age. Often they do not have the family and social support network they need to develop their own personality and can lack the tools they need to forge ahead in life with confidence.

“Every time I have met with General Dallaire, it has struck me just how much he admires and cares about young people. After everything he has seen and experienced, and all the child soldiers he has helped or had to face up to, I figure that if he can take the time and energy to help young people here at home, how can the rest of us NOT follow suit?” Mr. Savard adds.

Bruno Savard ran for the cause last summer, raising $800 by completing his first half-Ironman. This year, he’s planning to push himself even further by doing his first Ironman—that’s 226 kilometres of swimming, cycling and running!

He is hoping to raise $10 per kilometre and donate $2,260 to the Romeo Dallaire Foundation. And why is he doing all this?

“Simply because I can!” he says. “I want to prove to myself that by putting in enough effort I can do anything I put my mind to. And I think that’s something we all have the capacity to do. You just have to set yourself a goal, map out how you’re going to achieve it, and avoid straying from the path. I’ve never been very good at sports. If I did well at hockey it certainly wasn’t because of natural talent, but because I worked hard at it. Being so determined serves me well when it comes to going the distance in a triathlon. Come to think of it, stubbornness is probably my greatest asset!”

There you have it: such inspiring words for us all, including young people!

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