In keeping with its mission, the Roméo Dallaire Foundation grants aid to young people from underprivileged backgrounds in the Quebec City and Lévis area in order to build their self-esteem and to encourage their leadership potential.

To do so, the Foundation provides financial support for the development and execution of personal development programs designed to help young people develop their leadership, self-confidence, independence, initiative and emotional intelligence.



The Foundation prioritizes the following types of initiatives in order to support the well-being of its target aid recipients.

  • Personal development of young people from underprivileged backgrounds, particularly with regard to their leadership potential and self-confidence
  • The Foundation may occasionally consider applications pertaining to other types of initiatives


For an application for funding to be considered by the Foundation, the organization applying for funding must meet the following criteria.

Country or region

The Foundation prioritizes organizations in the Quebec City and Lévis area

 Type of organization

  • The application must be submitted by a recognized assistance or aid organization that is duly registered as a non-profit organization
  • The organization applying for funding must represent a group of individuals

 Target groups

Young people (must be from an underprivileged background)

 Nature of project

Any project connected to the area of intervention identified in Section 2 above, which promotes interventions with potentially lasting impacts on young people’s personal development with a view to helping them grow to become confident and empowered citizens when they are adults



The Foundation is unfortunately unable to approve all applications it receives. Under its donations policy, it has chosen to exclude applications in the following categories (among others):

– Causes of a religious or political nature
– Lobby and advocacy groups
– Sporting activities
– Organizations located outside Quebec
– Organizations or projects already supported by United Way
– Individual projects
– Activities and projects carried out for non-philanthropic purposes



5.1 Receipt of applications

All requests must be submitted in writing to the following address at least six (6) months prior to the scheduled launch of the project:

Roméo Dallaire Foundation
P.O. Box 9922, Station Sainte-Foy
Quebec QC G1V 4C5

Requests may also be submitted by email to info@fondationromeodallaire.com.

5.2 Information required to process applications

All applications submitted to the Foundation must include relevant information for assessment, including the following:

– The official name of the organization applying for funding (the Foundation does not provide any aid to private organizations or businesses)
– A clear description of the mission and objectives of the organization applying for funding
– The name of the contact person at the organization and his or her full contact information (mailing address, telephone number, email address and website address, as applicable), as well as a list of the members of the management team, board of directors and/or organizing committee, as the case may be
– Some examples of projects carried out in the past, together with an explanation of the benefits of such projects for the communities that received the assistance

The project description must clearly identify the following:

– The problem at issue
– The objectives of the project
– The action the organization plans to take and the project execution stages
– The number of people likely to benefit from the project
– A budget, including a breakdown for all project execution stages
– The total amount applied for (broken down in phases, if applicable)
– Other anticipated sources of funding in order to meet budgetary requirements
– The human resources necessary to carry out the project
– The involvement of those likely to benefit from the project (monetary or other commitment)
– The short- and long-term impacts of the project

Where possible, photos and/or videos may be attached in support of the donation application.

5.3 Examination and approval of applications

The Board of Directors examines applications and makes decisions taking into account the rules set out under this policy and the financial resources available.

The maximum time for transmitting a response to an application for funding is six (6) months.

5.4 Memorandum of understanding

All applications that are approved will be subject to a letter or memorandum of understanding signed by the Foundation and the organization concerned.



In accordance with the wishes of the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Roméo Dallaire, one hundred percent (100%) of the donations received by the Foundation go to the initiatives and organizations it supports.



This policy has been adopted by the Board of Directors of the Foundation. It must be revised every three years, unless there is a request from a member of the Board of Directors to do so earlier.


This policy was updated in October 14 octobre 2014.